Known Issues

  1. There is no option to disable SIP ALG. Navigating to Advanced > NAT Forwarding > ALG does not give an option of SIP.
  2. We need more information on this router to find out if the other basic router requirements can be made on this router. Please contact Intermedia Voice Technical Support so we can better document other necessary changes that need to be made to this router.


On some TP-LINK Routers the following fix works: 

  • Open Command Prompt > cmd
  • Telnet into the router
  • When prompted, the default password is admin. Note that no symbols may appear when typing in the password, but continue anyway
  • Type in ip nat service sw off and hit Enter. If successful, it should say Nat SIP v2 switch off!

Permanent Resolution

  1. Replace your router with a Recommended Router if you do not have one already.
    • Intermedia cannot setup the new router for you, but your IT or the manufacturer of your new router can help you.
    • They will need to move settings from the old router to the new router to ensure your computers and other devices on the network work properly.