This article applies for Mac OSX. For Windows OS refer to the Intermedia AnyMeeting: Device Settings On Windows -Meetings

Catalina and Screen Sharing

Important: MacOS Catalina introduced a new screen where you may need to grant access to screen sharing. You may experience a blank screen if you do not grant this access in Security & Privacy options.

To open this setting screen choose Apple menu > System Preferences


Then click Security & Privacy:


Choose the Privacy tab:


You must choose to Allow Intermedia AnyMeeting in this setting menu under Screen Recording as shown in the above screenshot.

Troubleshooting your Intermedia AnyMeeting application not showing under Security & Privacy

Follow the steps to force the Intermedia AnyMeeting application to show in Security & Privacy area:

  1. Uninstall the Intermedia AnyMeeting desktop application.
  2. Remove the Intermedia AnyMeeting app data.
    1. In the Finder Menu click Go
    2. Click Go To Folder
    3. Enter ~Library/Application Support
    4. Locate the Intermedia AnyMeeting folder and delete the folder by dragging it to the Trash can
  3. Reboot the Mac.
  4. Download and install the desktop application for macOS.
  5. Once installed go to Spotlight in the Finder menu (the magnifying glass in the upper right) and search for Intermedia AnyMeeting.
  6. Click on the Intermedia AnyMeeting App and you should get a pop up dialog with the option to select Open.
  7. Once the app fully opens, close it and re-open it again.
  8. Start a meeting and now the Screenshare icon in the lower right should have an ! symbol present. Click on the Screenshare to enable it, it should prompt to go to System Preferences.
  9. In System Preferences under Screen Recording the Intermedia AnyMeeting application should now be present, and the user should be able to enable it by checking the box.

Allowing your mic and cam on OSX

In a Meeting, you may check your mic, speakers and webcam under Settings > Audio & Video:


Choose your Mic and Speakers and see if your webcam is sending your video feed. Otherwise, check the drop down menu for your device to be listed.

Audio/Video Options

To ensure your Mac OSX is in alignment with your choice in devices, navigate to System Preferences > Sound > Output and respectively go to System Preferences > Sound > Input to check your mic and speakers on your Mac. 

Sound settings

If you encounter an error such as:

Device problem

Check your device permissions in Privacy & Security under the Privacy tab:

Privacy settings

Verify both Microphone and Camera for Intermedia AnyMeeting are checked.