Importing/Syncing/Creating Company Contacts into Intermedia Unite requires the Hosted Exchange module in the account’s plan.  If you do not have the Exchange module, please request this from Technical Support team.

Note: to have the Exchange service enabled does not mean to be subscribed to it, in other words, you don't need to create any mailboxes.

Depending on whether your account is maintaining Company Contacts on an on-prem Active Directory or not, there are two approaches for importing Company Contacts into Intermedia Unite:

  • Import Company Company contacts via CSV file
  • Sync Company Contacts from an on-prem Active Directory

If at least 1 phone number is added to Company Contact properties, this Contact will appear in the Intermedia Unite applications for all Intermedia Unite users on your account, and will be available for calls through the Intermedia Unite app. 

Import Company Contacts to HostPilot

When the Exchange service is enabled for Intermedia on the same account where you have Intermedia Unite enabled, you can import Company Contacts with phone numbers added to them. 

Refer to this Knowledge Base article for steps on how to import in bulk via CSV file or create one-by-one Company Contacts.
Note: if contacts are created one-by-one numbers should be manually added then through HostPilot with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Services > Company Contacts.
  2. Click on Edit Contact Info near to the Contact.
  3. Fill into the phone number to Mobile Phone or/and Business Phone fields.
  4. Save changes.

After that, this Company Contact can be accessed through the Contacts list in the Intermedia Unite applications and placed call to.

Sync Company Contacts from an on-prem Active Directory

If you have UserPilot configured to sync objects to HostPilot from your on-premise Active Directory, make sure that Auto Create is turned on for contacts and appropriate properties such as Business phone or Mobile Phone, are selected for sync.

Refer to this Knowledge Base article for steps on how to select properties of an object to be synced.