To start the process of porting your number from Google Voice to Intermedia you will first need to unlock the number through your Google account.

Please note that unlocking your Google Voice number costs $3, this amount is charged by Google.

To start the process of unlocking your phone number, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Google Voice account
  3. There will be an option to Unlock my number next to the Google Voice number that you are trying to port out (for multiple numbers you will need to select each number from the drop down and chose the option Unlock my number)
  4. There will be a confirmation window that you are about to unlock the number
  5. Click Continue
  6. To finalize the process pay with your Google Wallet account and receive the receipt by email

When submitting a LOA to Intermedia please use the following information to fill out the form correctly:

Account Number: Use your 10-digit Google Voice number as your account number.
Account Billing Name: This is the name associated with the Google Voice account.
PIN: Your PIN is what you use to access your Google Voice voicemail from a different phone. If you don't have a PIN set up, you should create one before starting the unlock process.
Billing Address: This is the address that is associated with the Google Voice account.
Numbers to be ported: This is the number you want to transfer.

Still have other questions or concerns please reach out to our Technical Support line, we can be reached 24 x 7 x 365.

Important: google has two separate voice services. One is Google Voice, the other is part of GSuite. GSuite is handled differently than the steps outlined in this article.

Refer to the article below for GSuite Port instructions: