This article presents examples of LinkSafe™ warnings & notifications screens.

Warning screens may differ depending on whether you have Live scanning enabled for your account or not. Live scanning adds an additional level of protection against the zero-day threats and new malicious websites and allows to perform a real-time scanning of the URL. Live scanning is used in addition to existing URL reputation checks. If a threat was detected during the database scanning, the Live scanning is not performed.

LinkSafe™ in general and Live scanning, in particular, is managed by your account administrator.

LinkSafe™ notifications subdivide into:

Default URL Checks

A threat is detected

Your account administrator decides whether to completely block access to dangerous websites or allow access but show a warning screen. Depending on that, the warning screen will have or won’t have Open anyway and View screenshot buttons. By viewing screenshot you can safely check how the website looks.




Harmful Programs

Access to the website is blocked

A threat is not detected

Your account administrator decides whether to have non-harmful websites open automatically or show the No threats found screen.

No threats found

URL protection is unavailable

In case scanning fails, you will NOT be able to access the target website and will be asked to try again. If scanning repeatedly fails, let your account administrator know about this.

URL page is not found

If the link was modified and broken (for example after email forwarding), you may not be able to open the webpage.

Live Scanning

If Live scanning is enabled, you will see the following animation screen and receive a result in a few seconds.

A threat was detected



Harmful Programs

A threat was not detected

No threats found

Live scan was unsuccessful

Live scan was not attempted

Live scanning cannot be performed for internal, network restricted websites, however, the database scanning is always performed and if no threats are found a user will have the ability to proceed to the target website without Live scan, although a warning will be shown.