This article describes the ways how contacts from your local mobile address book could be synced to Intermedia Unite mobile app and then populated across all other Intermedia Unite apps you are using. This feature allows you to have Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, Gmail / Google contacts to be available from all your Intermedia Unite applications. To sync contacts from these apps, first you would need to sync them to the list of all mobile contacts. 

Sync Contacts from local Address Book to Intermedia Unite mobile app

During initial installation of Intermedia Unite mobile app user is prompted to grant permissions for various features, including access to local contacts on your mobile device. If you want the mobile application to populate with your local contacts you will need to allow the app access. If you wish to do this in retrospect then you can change permissions for the app under your device settings.

  1. Go to Settings of your device (additionally navigate to Apps for Android).
  2. Select Intermedia Unite mobile app.
  3. Allow app to access the contacts (additionally, navigate to Permissions for Android).


Settings iOS


Settings Android

Once access is granted mobile contacts will be synchronized from the Contacts directory on your mobile device and other apps, such as Gmail, Hosted Exchange, iCloud to the Intermedia Unite mobile app. These contacts will be shown in Intermedia Unite mobile app under Personal contacts section:

personal contacts list

Sync Contacts from Primary Intermedia Unite mobile app to all Intermedia Unite applications

After contacts from your mobile device are synced Intermedia Unite mobile app, they could be populated accross all your Intermedia Unite applications, Desktop and Mobile. In order to satrt synchronization from Intermedia Unite mobile app navigate to My Account > Sync contacts to Intermedia Unite.


enable ios


enable android

Once the synchronization is enabled on the mobile device, this device will become the Primary device for the Intermedia Unite user. This means that local contacts only from this Primary device will be synced to other Intermedia Unite apps.

Note: if you will attempt to enable Sync in Intermedia Unite mobile app on additional device you will receive the warning that contacts are already syncing from another device (Primary). If you'll proceed with sync on additional device, contacts synced from the original Primary mobile device will be removed from Intermedia Unite applications.


Changes are frequently pushed to the server. Time of the last sync could be checked in app. To push updates to servers use the Sync now option.

sync now

If a contact has several numbers, you may want to default one of them. This could be done in several ways:

  • Once contacts are populated to Intermedia Unite Desktop app and you will attempt to call synced contact, you will be prompted to set primary number for this contact:

DT primary

  • Alternatively, you could set primary number from the Conversation with this Contact:

DTprimary from conversation

  • From Intermedia Unite mobile app:



  • Favorites selection for contacts synced from Mobile will be synced to all Intermedia Unite applications for the user if Sync is enabled.
  • Contact synced from Mobile could be modified from the Intermedia Unite mobile app on the Primary device. The Contact will be changed both on the Primary device and in Intermedia Unite mobile app.
  • Changes on the mobile device which is not set as Primary are only available for the local contacts of this device.‚Äč

Sync Contacts from Outlook

To sync contacts to Intermedia Unite from Outlook, please do the following:

  1. Open Outlook mobile app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select the account
  4. Toggle Sync contacts

Find the screenshots for Android and iOS below.

sync android

sync ios

Note: you can sync contacts from Outlook only via Outlook mobile app, Outlook desktop does not have this option.

Sync Contacts from Gmail / Google contacts

To sync contacts to Intermedia Unite from Gmail / Google contacts, please do the following:

  1. Go to Settings of your phone
  2. Go to Apps & notifications and select Advanced.
  3. Select Contacts and allow Intermedia Unite access to contacts.

google contacts

Disable Sync Contacts to Intermedia Unite

If you would like contacts from your mobile device to be available within Intermedia Unite mobile app on this device, but no longer to be synced to your other Intermedia Unite application follow the steps below:

  1. From Intermedia Unite mobile app navigate to My account > Sync Contacts to Intermedia Unite.
  2. Toggle Sync Contacts to Intermedia Unite to inactive state.


After that all previously synced contacts will be deleted from the server and all other Intermedia Unite applications and become available under Personal contacts in Intermedia Unite mobile app only on the corresponding device.