What is Intermedia Unite Screen Pop

Intermedia Unite Screen Pop is a feature for Intermedia Unite Desktop App that works together with your CRM in order to quickly fetch caller information and help you be more productive. Choose from predefined URLs to display caller information from CRMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho, etc., or specify a custom URL for other CRMs, such as ConnectWise, Autotask, etc.



How does it work?

When enabled, Screen Pop feature will appear as a button with a name of the chosen CRM in the following scenarios:

Clicking the Screen Pop button will open a browser window (or a new tab), with search results of the chosen CRM for the number calling.

Here is an example using Zoho CRM:

CRM Example

How to enable Screen Pop

Navigate to Application Settings > Integrations > check CRM Screen Pops > click Save Changes


Note: Some CRMs need your domain name/user name to search for your contacts. You can find this name in your CRM profile.

How to find my domain name

Note: "Domain name" is called so on the Intermedia Unite platform for integrity purposes, however, it may be called very differently in your CRM, e.g. domain; subdomain; user name; account name; company name, or any other mean of account identification.

  1. Go to desired CRM page
  2. Make sure you are logged in
  3. Look at the Address Bar
    • Some CRMs have domain name as a sub-domain (e.g. d3v-test)
      zendesk domain
    • Some CRMs have domain name inside the link (e.g. org20067206576)
    • To make sure you find the domain name go to Intermedia Unite App > Settings > Integrations > Choose your CRM and inspect the example URL: $domain marks the place where you can find yours in the address bar 
      unite app domain exmpl

How to set a custom URL

You can also specify a custom link to work with any non-predefined system. To do so, in the Integrations dropdown, select Custom.

Afterwards, define Integration Name, and URL Sample.

Important: if you are using any non-predefined CRM via Custom URL and would like to see it in the preconfigured CRM list, submit a feature request with the URL you are currently using or contact Support for assistance.


How to create a URL sample

  1. Go to desired CRM page
  2. Make sure you are logged in your account
  3. Search for any contact by a phone number
    CRM Search
  4. Make sure the search works correctly
  5. Copy URL from the address bar: something like https://app.hubspot.com/reports-dashboard/6380172/sales?globalSearchQuery=12063883830
  6. Replace a number you were searching in the link as shown above for $phone_number (e.g. https://app.hubspot.com/reports-dashboard/6380172/sales?globalSearchQuery=$phone_number)

How to configure eAgent URL

In order to configure the Screen Pop to work with your eAgent CRM, you may want to follow the steps below:

  1. Log into eAgent Portal
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click VoIP Integration
  4. Copy the URL authentication string that is provided in the box, it will look something like this: https://eagent.allstate.com/accounts/login/aspx?phone=%callers_number% 
  5. Copy the URL and paste it into the URL field of Screen Pop settings
  6. Change the %callers_number% part to $phone_number

Using Screen Pop

Screen Pop button will appear for all external numbers, Company Contacts, your Personal Contacts, Contacts synced from a cellphone.

Call Notification

Notification window contains a Screen Pop button. Clicking on it will open a CRM Search page with predefined incoming phone number.

Call Notification

Contact Card

Screen Pop button will also appear in the contact card of any user in Chats or Call History.

Note: When using Screep Pop via Contact Card, the user will be searched by Primary Phone number

Contact Card

Active Call Bar

You will also be able to access the CRM link anytime during the call via the button in the active call bar.


Call History

Screen Pop button will also be present for every call in your Call History when you hover over them with a mouse cursor.

Call History