This policy is designed to control where SecuriSync apps are installed. 

For example, it can be used to ensure that SecuriSync can only be installed on corporate computers.  To accomplish this, an Admin can limit the number of Desktop devices to 1, and deploy the desktop app to each users’ corporate device.  This would ensure that users cannot install SecuriSync on another (e.g. personal) desktop without admin being made aware of it.

When users try to log into SecuriSync from a new device that would exceed the preset limit (e.g. user attempts to log into SecuriSync from personal desktop, while their corporate desktop installation has taken the allowed 1 device/user limit imposed by admin), they are prevented from logging in and the admin is alerted of the attempted login attempt.

Assign Access Policy

Access Policy can be set independently for Mobile devices and Desktop applications.

To assign the policy you need to navigate to Services > SecuriSync > Policies > Access policy.

Access Policy

If user has more devices connected at the time of policy enablement, no force logout will be performed and all devices will stay connected to the account. However, user will not be able to login to new devices above the limit. In order to check up-to-date list of your devices, go to Services > SecuriSync > Devices.

Logining in new SecuriSync device an end-user will see the error message if device limit is reached.





To allow new device to connect to SecuriSync account Admin needs to expand Device limit or Wipe connected device.

Note: unlink/logout and login again process is treated as a new device registration. Admin would need to wipe a device in order to be able to login again to it.

Web access will not be affected by Device limit.

Access policy for outdated versions

Device Access Controls are only supported in the latest versions of Desktop and Mobile apps.

Before enabling this feature, go to the Devices page in the Admin Control panel, and ensure the following:

  • All Desktop apps are running v2.54 or higher
  • All Mobile apps are running v2.29.1 or higher

Both desktop and mobile apps should be automatically updated to the latest version. If there are any users running outdated apps, they should be contacted and upgraded accordingly.

If the policy is enabled, and end-user is running outdated desktop or mobile apps, they will see the following behavior if they exceed maximum number of devices:

  • Desktop app version 2.20-2.53 - login will fail with access denied error
  • Desktop app version 2.19 or lower - application will stop working after login process 
  • Mobile app version 2.29.0 or higher - login will fail with access denied error
  • Mobile app version 2.28 or lower - access policy is not supported

Limit Notifications

When user cannot login due to device limit is reached, Account Admin gets email on this event. An Email notification will contain time of failed login and user name:


Note: this action will not generate an Event in Audit log.