Users who have Email Archiving enabled for the mailboxes can get the following permissions to Archiving management control panel:

  • User: Provides access to the MyArchive section of the application which provides the functionality to search, review, and recover archived assets associated with the user's email address.
  • Exporter: Provides access to view and export the results of saved searches. Exporters only have access to exports that are requested by the individual user.
  • Search Administrator: Search Admin can create, save, edit, export and review searches across the entire archive.
  • Compliance Officer: Proves access to interact with data across the archive in addition to creating and managing hold reasons.

Note: When Exchange service is disabled for a user in HostPilot, the data from the mailbox remains in the archive and can be accessed by a Search Administrator.

Each user can have multiple roles.

To set user permissions to the Archiving management control panel:

  1. Navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Compliance > Archiving > Mailboxes.
  2. Click on the existing permission level and select the necessary roles.