End-users may access their personal archive from Archiving management control panel.

Outlook integration is currently not available for Email Archiving.

Log into My Archive

To open personal archive in My Services:

  1. Log in to My Services.
  2. Click Email Archiving under Email section and then Manage Your Archive.
    My archive

Log into My Archive for Office 365 mailboxes

Once Email Archiving service is enabled for the user, Getting Started email is sent to the user. This email contains login and password for access to My Archive. To access My Archive, click Manage Email Archiving button.

Reset password for My Archive

To reset the password for My Archive:

  1. If needed, request a link to your archive from your administrator
  2. On the login page, click Forgot password? link
  3. Specify your email address which is associated with Email Archiving service
  4. Click Continue

Reset pw

My Archive overview

My Archive allows users to browse through their personal archived content.  

Users with the User role assigned are provided with the MyArchive functionality, which provides access to search, review, and recover archived content associated with the email addresses.
My archive


Archived data is sorted by most recent date by default. To adjust this, selecting the ^ icon to reverse the sort order. Selecting the current sort value will present the list of available options.


To filter the list, select the Filter button. It will expand a search builder allowing you to search on keywords, sender, recipients, date, size of the asset (including all attachments), or any combination of these criteria. 

You can use wildcards to locate messages and attachments based on partial terms:

  • contract* - Denotes any term that begins with contract (such as contract, contracted, or contracts).
  • *@acme* - Denotes any term that contains the strings @acme (such as acme.com or jo@acme.co.uk).
  • awood* - Denotes any term that starts with the term awood, most commonly for emails/usernames with multiple potential domains (such as awood@acme.com, awood@acme.net, etc)
    Note: on searching sender or recipients: email addresses are tokenized as a complete string, so simply searching for awood will not return results; either the full address needs to be searched for OR a wildcard should be used to produce the desired results.

You can use the question mark (?) operator to locate messages that contain a specified term, with a given character replaced:

  • ???? ???? ???? ???? - Denotes any term that contains four sets consisting of four characters each with a single space between sets (4417 1234 5678 9012, a common format for credit/debit card numbers”).
  • ?inks - Denotes any term that contains any character proceeded by the string inks (such as links and rinks).



Once you have found the data you are looking for, they can be recovered by either downloading a message in its original format (eml) or sending it back to your inbox as an attachment.

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