Intermedia Unite Desktop App has a search tool that can help you find text in your Intermedia Unite chats. For Mobile App instructions, please refer to this article.

Note: currently, the search tool can work with only one chat at a time. 

How To Use Chat Search In Intermedia Unite

Text Search

  1. Open the chat you would like to do a search in;
  2. Open Menu on the right and click Search;
  3. Type in/paste your search request (it must be more than 3 characters);
  4. Press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

Numbers on the right of the search bar indicate the number of found results. If it's larger than 50, this number becomes approximate.

File Search

If you need to find a file with a certain name that was sent to you or by you in one of the chats, you can type in its name and/or format in the search bar.