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Our Unified Communications solution combines video conferencing data, file sharing, and of course, IP desk phones.  We’ve identified a range of Polycom, Cisco, and Yealink phones and devices to meet all your business needs, and ordering a device from us ensures your VoIP hardware is fully supported and easy to set up. No technical installation is required, just connect your phone to the internet and it's ready to go.

Your existing devices may also be used in conjunction with Intermedia Unite. Devices that are supported by Enhanced BYOP can be easily added and configured. If you have SIP devices that are Unsupported, our Anyphone BYOP program (bring your own phones) allows you even more freedom when choosing hardware.

Where can I find the User Manual for my device?

For all supported devices, we've created Quick Start Guides to help you quickly set up, configure, and use your new hardware.
Click Here to view a list of our Device Quick Start Guides.

While the Quick Start Guides are great to get started, we also have a full list of User Manuals for the devices.
Click Here to view a list of Device User Manuals.

How can I tell if my device is supported/unsupported?

Supported / Enhanced BYOP are phone models that can be provisioned via the Intermedia Provisioning server, which are also able to be purchased directly from Host Pilot.

Unsupported / Anyphone BYOP are devices that can be only provisioned by entering SIP credentials and configurations manually to the device. While these devices may not support all of the features Unite has, they can still be provisioned and used on your account.
Click Here to view our Supported & Unsupported device lists.

I have a VoIP device I'd like to use, how can I set it up?

Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) is the ability to supply and provision your own VoIP hardware for use with Intermedia Unite voice services. Supported devices (Enhanced BYOP) allows for quick configuration of the device using the Intermedia voice servers, while Unsupported devices (Anyphone BYOP) need to be manually provisioned.

Click Here to learn about BYOP and view a list of Provisioning guides.

How do I order a new device?

Hardware orders for the Intermedia Unite service can be managed directly through HostPilot, allowing admin users to easily purchase, track, and cancel orders.
Click Here to learn how to Order phones on Unite.

How do I use a Device Rebate for a new phone?

Rebates are individual discounts that can be used on many top-of-the-line devices and can even be redeemed to obtain free devices with certain promotions.

Important: rebate CANNOT be reapplied to another phone if you would decide to replace the one you initially bought even if the phone is still within the return period.
Click Here to learn more about Device Rebates.

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