During your meeting we provide you with tools to easily manage audio, video, attendees and security.

Navigate to the settings menu at the top of your screen:

Audio & Video:

Confirm your audio & video devices.

Custom Branding (Pro Only):

Set your background and logo images.

Virtual Assistant (Pro Only):

Information about the Virtual Assistant.


Manage what participants may access or enable during your meeting.  Uncheck any of these options to disable them for participants.


Here you will find controls for:

  • Participants Management: you may set it to have all attendees join muted. They may then unmute themselves.
  • Video Layout: enabling Active Talker will provide you with a highlighted view on the name of the person that is actively speaking.
  • Bandwidth: if you have a slower connection, you may want to choose a lower setting so that our platform can accommodate your connection and deliver a better experience.

More details about features in the Settings menu are shown on these articles:

Virtual Assistant

Custom Branding

Audio & Video