The Historical Report section contains info on the Contact Center performance over an extended period of time.


  • Reports are available for All agents and for each agent.
  • They can have the following ranges: Last 3 days, Last week, Last 2 weeks, Last month and Custom.
    Using the Custom range you can choose the data to be displayed by Hour, Day or Month.

Note: Time (Start and End of the day) sections are available only if you chose display data by Hour.
It can be done only for the date range not more than 3 days.

Total Calls:

  • Immediately connected - the call was answered by the first agent in the queue,
  • Connected after queuing - the call was not answered by the first agent but was answered by one of the next agents in the queue,
  • Routed away by pressing a digit - the Contact Center group has menu options, the caller pressed a digit and was routed away accordingly to the settings,
  • Timed out - nobody answered the call and it was forwarded accordingly to the timeout settings,
  • Abandoned - call didn't reach any agent, it was finished by the caller before it was forwarded to anybody,
  • Failed due to max callers - the Contact Center group has Max callers on hold limitation and it has been reached, so excessive calls were dropped,
  • Other - the call was answered with Pick up feature (not by agent, but by someone else).

These parameters are shown graphically in section Call Statistics.

  • Call Durations

  • Call Statistics

You can uncheck unneeded parameters on the diagram and get the detailed statistics about the certain hour/date by placing the cursor on the wanted column.

  • Queue Time

Queue time does not count calls that were connected immediately (but such calls could be in the queue for 1-10 seconds – time when agent's phone rings). So, these seconds are not counted in queue time, but it counted in total call duration time.

  • Talk Time

  • Call Duration

Report can be printed and downloaded in CSV format by using icons in the right upper corner.

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