Historical Report contains info on the Contact Center performance over an extended period of time.


  • Reports are available for All agents and for each agent.
  • They can have the following ranges: Last 3 days, Last week, Last 2 weeks, Last month and Custom.
    Using the Custom range you can choose the data to be displayed by Hour, Day or Month.

Note: Time (Start and End of the day) sections are available only if you chose display data by Hour.
It can be done only for the date range not more than 3 days.

  • Total calls - the number of calls received by an agent. It includes rolled and answered calls.

Note: If the call was answered by an agent, then parked and unparked, it will be counted one time for All agents report and one time for each agent reports who talked to him. If one agent parked and unparked the call, it will be counted twice in his report.

  • Rolled calls - calls in the queue which were not answered by an agent.
  • Total time logged in
  • Max Talk Time
  • Avg Talk Time

All these parameters are also displayed graphically in diagrams:

Note: Detalisation depends on the chosen date range.

    • Talk time - shows Maximum and Average talk time for each time period.

    • Calls - shows the ratio of Total, Rolled and Calls per hour.

Calls per hour = Total connected calls for this agent/time logged in today by this agent.

    • Total Time logged in

Report can be printed and downloaded in CSV format by using icons in the right upper corner.

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