current agent status

This panel will list all agents currently signed into the Contact Center Agent application and display a short summary at the bottom of the list. The list can be sorted by any of the underlined column headings. When an agent name is red in color the agent has been in the current status longer than the timeout threshold set for that status on the Agents screen. The following information is displayed for each agent listed:

  • Agent – The agent's full name.
  • Team – The name of team the agent belongs to.
  • Phone Ext – The direct extension the agent used to sign into the Contact Center Agent application.
    • Place your cursor over an Agent's phone extension to see which version of the Contact Center Agent application they are currently using.
      agent panel
  • Status – The agent's current on-call or activity status. This will either be a status that the agent has selected themselves, such as Available, Accept Internal Calls or Busy - Other statuses, or it can be statuses that have been selected by the system, such as Busy - On Call, Busy - On Chat, Busy - Wrapping Up, or Busy - Dialing Out.
    • Dial Out - While an agent is making an outgoing call there are different Dial Out statuses to reflect the status of the action that they are completing, allowing the total time spent on each stage of the Dial Out process to be seen. The Dial Out statuses are:
      • Dial Out - Typing - Once an agent has clicked on the Dial Out button, this will track the total time spent dialing/choosing the number they are looking to call
      • Dial Out - Ringing Destination - Total time spent ringing the destination before the call is accepted.
      • Dial Out - Ringing Agent - Total time spent ringing the agent before the call is accepted.
      • Dial Out - Connected - The call has now been successfully initiated, and will now track the total time spent on the call.
  • Duration – The total on-call time for the current call.
  • Inc. Calls An.  Total number of incoming calls answered (including transferred calls).
  • Inc. Calls Miss. – Total number of incoming calls missed (not answered).
  • Inc. Calls Trans. – Total number of incoming calls transferred out to third parties.
  • Out. Calls – Total number of outgoing calls completed successfully.
  • Log. On – Total time logged on.
  • Not Set – Total time spent in the Not Ready agent status.
  • Avail – Total time spent in the Available agent status.
  • Time Management On Inc. Calls – Total time spent on incoming calls.
  • Time Management On Out. Calls – Total time spent on outgoing calls.
  • Wrap-up – Total time spent in the Busy – Wrapping Up agent status.
  • Break – Total time spent in the Busy – On Break agent status.
  • Other – Total time spent in any of the Other agent statuses.
  • Start Date – Date and time the agent first logged on for the day or current session.

Line colors signal the state of a call the Agent is handling, which is a result of the settings defined in the In-Call Status Timeouts section of the General Information tab, located on the Agents Configuration (Configuration > Agents) page (Refer to the Agents page for further information on setting In-Call Status Timeouts). The following is a list of colors and the resulting call state of the agent:

  • Purple  Agent is ready to accept internal calls.
  • Green  Agent is available to accept external calls.
  • Red  Agent is either in one of the busy statuses, has placed the call on hold, or has been in the current status longer than the timeout threshold set for that status on the Agents screen.

The alert color will not change until the threshold timer has expired; the call on hold alert threshold timer is set to five minutes by default.

  • Black – Agent is on break.