The Announcements section is comprised of the ten most current blog posts that are posted in the Contact Center Knowledgebase, each blog post contains information about upcoming or current product updates or new releases.


To access the blog post:

  1. Click the title of the listed blog post.
  2. The Contact Center Knowledgebase opens in a new browser tab with the selected blog post displayed on the page.

When a new blog post is created, New! Appears to the left of the Blog Post Title. Once the blog post is viewed/read, "New!" will disappear.

Note: To ensure you are always informed regarding product updates and releases, a notice will appear at the top of every page within the Admin Portal alerting you when a new blog post has been published. This notice remains displayed until you click Close, located in the top right corner of the notice. To access the blog post from the notice, click the here link.

Product Updates