Voicemail Recordings Search

Voicemail recordings are the recordings of customers leaving a request to be called back after they have been given the option to be called back if they have been waiting in the queue for an extended period of time. To search, review, listen and download Voicemail recordings, go to Analysis > Recordings > Voicemail Recordings.

When searching for Voicemail recordings, select the Voicemail option from the menu and you will be presented with the following screen:

After you finish entering parameters, click Search. To learn more about the search parameters, see below. 

Voice recording search parameters

The following parameters apply to all Voicemail categories:

  • Processed between Enter a date range using the following format: mm/dd/yyyy. These fields are mandatory.
  • Calling Name The name of the caller (from caller ID).
  • Calling Number The phone number of the caller (from caller ID).
  • Number Dialed The IVR number the caller dialed.
  • Queue Name The queue that the call was in when the caller was offered to leave a voicemail.
  • Voicemail Length between The length of the voicemail, in seconds, that the caller left.
  • Reference ID A unique identifying number for the voice interaction that resulted in the voicemail being left by the caller.

Voicemail recordings are kept for the same amount of time as voice recordings, as defined in the Configuration > General section. The default time is 30 days, however, it can be longer if you have subscribed to more time. For more information on this topic please see the Contact Center General Settings article.

Note: You may enter a partial string for a word of number; do not use wildcards "{}". 

Once you have finished entering any parameters, click Search.

After clicking Search, the results of the search will be displayed for review in chronological order. The results for Voicemail will display: Call Date, Duration, Caller ID, and Queue.

Listen to Voicemail Recordings

To listen to an audio recording, perform a search and click Listen. You can open the audio recording immediately or save it first, before opening it. Audio recordings are saved in MP3 format. MP3 files can be played by most common audio players.

Download Voicemail Recordings

To download multiple Voicemail recordings, follow the instructions in the Contact Center: Download Multiple Recordings article.