Reports & Analytics section provides the opportunity to create and manage call history and agent performance reports. This section is divided into three tabs.

In time all reports and analytics, such as the Quality and Call Report functions, will be moved to this section.

Note: Currently, the time zone of the main company location is being used for all reports and usage history.

Historical Reports

They include Call Reports, User Activity and Contact Center reports with the ability to choose the following relative periods of time, or select a custom range.

Each report can be saved by clicking Save as button in the right upper corner (after the report was run).
After you name the report it will appear in Saved & Scheduled Reports section.

User Activity Report

  1. Select User Activity Report and the desired time period, then click Run report.
  2. The report will initially include all users by default, you can change the selection using the Users filter.

Note: This report can show calls starting February 2020.

It includes the number and duration of the following types of calls:

  • Total calls
  • Unanswered
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Internal

Call Reports

The Call Reports group includes two reports: Call Summary Report & Call Detail Report.

Call Summary Report

This report provides a high-level summary view of all voice calls placed or received during a selected time period. It will display call metrics based on a 1:1 call to outcome relationship. Therefore, calls will only be reported once even if they are to a group with multiple users.

The report provides the following high-level metrics:

  • Total Calls – The sum of all calls in the selected time period.
  • Answered Calls – The sum of all calls that were answered in the selected time period.
  • Unanswered Calls – The sum of all calls that were not answered in the selected time period.
  • Total Call Duration – The total duration of all calls in the selected time period.
  • Average Call Duration – The average duration of all calls in the selected time period.

The accompanying graph shows the trend of total calls by call direction (i.e. Inbound, Outbound or Internal) over a selected time period.

Call Detail Report

The second available report is the Call Detail Report. This provides a more granular view of the attributes of individual calls broken out into a calls table and metrics.

The report provides the following high-level metrics:

  • Total Calls - The sum of all calls in the selected time period.
  • Duration - The total duration of all calls in the selected time period.
  • Chargeable Duration – The total chargeable duration of all calls in the selected time period.
  • Free Minutes Used – The total of any free minutes used during calls in the selected time period.

The call details table details each call in the selected time period as a single row of information that covers all the call attributes including call charges and free minutes consumed.

The Call Detail Report can be filtered by using the following filter options:

    • From/To – allows you to specify ‘from’ and/or ‘to’ names or numbers.
    • Call Attributes – here you can select to filter out certain call directions or whether the call was answered to unanswered.
    • Chargeable – a yes/no selection to allow you to only see calls that carried a charge or not.

Contact Center Reports

  1. Select Contact Center Reports.
  2. Select the needed option:
    Group Overview - reports for the groups.
    Agent Performance - reports for the groups' agents.
  3. Choose the time period and click Run Report.

Agent Performance Report

Agent reports can be filtered by Groups and Agents.
All Groups and All agents are selected by default.
You can uncheck Groups or/and Agents and select the needed ones using the relevant filter.

Report includes the following information:

  • Total calls - the number of calls received by an agent. It includes rolled and answered calls.

Note: If the call was answered by an agent, then parked and unparked, it will be counted one time for All agent reports and one time for each agent reports who talked to him. If one agent parked and unparked the call, it will be counted twice in his report.

  • Rolled calls - calls in the queue which were not answered by an agent.
  • Total time logged in
  • Max Talk Time
  • Avg Talk Time

All these parameters are also displayed graphically in diagrams:

Note: Detalisation depends on the chosen date range.

  • Talk time - shows Maximum and Average talk time for each time period.

  • Calls - shows the ratio of Total, Rolled and Calls per hour.

Calls per hour = Total connected calls for this agent/time logged in today by this agent.

  • Total Time logged in

Contact Center (Group Overview) Report

You can run Contact Center report for all groups or for certain ones.
All groups are selected by default.
You can uncheck Group and check the needed groups one by one.
Click Apply.

Total Calls:

  • Immediately connected - the call was answered by the first agent in the queue,
  • Connected after queuing - the call was not answered by the first agent but was answered by one of the next agents in the queue,
  • Routed away by pressing a digit - the Contact Center group has menu options, the caller pressed a digit and was routed away accordingly to the settings,
  • Timed out - nobody answered the call and it was forwarded accordingly to the timeout settings,
  • Abandoned - call didn't reach any agent, it was finished by the caller before it was forwarded to anybody,
  • Failed due to max callers - the Contact Center group has Max callers on hold limitation and it has been reached, so excessive calls were dropped.

These parameters are shown graphically in section Call Statistics.

  • Call Durations

  • Call Statistics

You can uncheck unneeded parameters on the chart and get the detailed statistics about the certain hour/date by placing the cursor on the wanted column.

  • Queue Time

Queue time does not count calls that were connected immediately (but such calls could be in the queue for 1-10 seconds – time when agent's phone rings). So, these seconds are not counted in queue time, but it counted in total call duration time.

  • Talk Time

  • Call Duration

Usage History

Usage History tab allows you to create specified call report by applying filters as such:

  • From/To: allows you to input a name or number of a caller or a callee;

  • Users: allows you to select users who have received or made a call;

  • Call attributes: allows you to filter internal, outbound, inbound, answered, and unanswered calls;

    Important: internal, outbound, and inbound attributes cannot be selected on their own, either Answered or Unanswered needs to be selected too. Selecting All in Call attributes will show no results.

    correct query
  • Date or a date range;

  • All Calls/Direct Calls/Group calls.


Usage history report will show the following information:

  • Type;
  • From/Host;
  • To;
  • Date;
  • Start Time;
  • Duration;
  • Group — the Hunt Group (if any) through which the user has received the call;
  • Direction — internal or external call;


Once the report is created, you can save it by clicking Save as report button and choosing the name of the report. After you save it, the report will appear in the Saved & Scheduled Reports tab.


Saved & Scheduled Reports

This section will include your saved reports.
You can see the report by clicking its name.

For each report, you can Add Schedule (to send it automatically to an email address), Edit its name, or Delete it (options under Report actions).

When you click Add Schedule, you should specify the delivery details:

  • Frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Day (only available for Weekly and Monthly frequencies)
  • Time
  • Email address(es)

After you saved the Schedule for the report, you can Edit or Remove it (options under Schedule actions).


Q: Why does the User Activity Report show a different total of answered & unanswered calls compared to the Call Summary Report?

This is because the User Activity Report is focused on users and not calls. Therefore calls to a group for example can exist in more than one state for users of this group. For example, A call group called Team A contains three users X, Y, and Z. A call to Team A will ring the phones of all three users but only one user can answer it, user X in this case. However the call will be logged as answered for user X but unanswered for uses Y and Z.

In the Call Summary Report a call can only exist in one state, it is either answered or unanswered irrespective of whether it is a call to a group or direct to a user.

Q: Why does the total of unanswered and answered calls in the user activity report come to more than the actual total number of calls received?

That is because the User Activity Report is focused on users and not calls, it can therefore include group calls that can exist in more than one state for users of this group (unanswered or answered) - see example in the question above.

Q: Which report should I use if I want to understand how many of my inbound calls remained unanswered?

The Call Summary Report is the correct report for this as it shows calls as a single entity even group calls. Therefore the total of unanswered and answered calls will always add up to the total calls received.

Q: Which report should I use if I want to understand how many calls a specific user or group of users answered?

The User Activity Report is focused on users and is the correct report to gain these insights.