Use the filter feature to narrow your event search and find scheduled events quickly and easily.

To filter events:

  1. Click Filter.
  2. The Event Filter window will open. EventFilter
  3. Click the Start date picker and select a Start Day for the event you are looking for. Similarly, click the End Date Picker and select an End Day for the event you are looking for.  StartDate
  4. In the Agents & Teams tab select the Agent(s) and/or Team(s) whose scheduled events you would like to search for.
    Note: to search all Agents & Teams click Select All in the Agents & Teams tab. To deselect all Agents & Teams, click Clear All
  5. In the Events tab select the event types you want to search for and click Get DataEventsTab
    Note: to search all Events click Select All in the Events tab. To deselect all Events, click Clear All.
  6. Any events scheduled for the selected date(s), agents and teams will be displayed in the Events table.