To add coverage for part-time agents:

  1. Click Add Coverage.
  2. The Add Part-Time Coverage window will open. Complete all fields and click Save when all fields are complete. Coverage
  3. The Add Coverage confirmation dialog box appears. Click OKConfirmation
  4. The new coverage will appear in the Event table. NewCoverage

 Add Part-Time Coverage Field Descriptions and Button Functions


In the drop-down menu, select the Agent for whom you would like to schedule part-time phone coverage.

Coverage Date

Click the date picker and select the date the agent is required to cover the phones.

Start Time / End Time

In the drop-down menu, select the time the agent is required to start/stop covering phones.

Notes (optional)

Type any reference notes regarding the scheduled part-time coverage.



Click to save the Part-Time Coverage information and add the coverage to the schedule.


Click to close the Part-Time Coverage window. If the window is closed without saving the information, the coverage information will be deleted and will not be added to the schedule.