To manually add a vacation request:

  1. Click Add Vacation.
  2. Complete all fields in the Add Vacation window.AddVacation
  3. When all vacations are created, click Save.
  4. The Add Vacation confirmation dialog box appears. Click OKConfirmation
  5. The added vacation appears in the Vacation Manager. Table
    Note: if the vacation is approved, a green box will appear beside the vacation request. If the vacation is declined, a red box will appear beside the vacation request along with the reason for the decline. If the vacation is On Hold, a yellow box will appear beside the vacation request along with the reason for the hold.

Add Vacation Field Descriptions and Button Functions

Event Type

In the drop-down menu, select an event type:

  • Vacation AM – Schedules vacation in the morning only.
  • Vacation – Schedules vacation for the entire day.
  • Frame Vacation – Schedules vacation for the time selected.
  • Vacation PM – Schedules vacation for the afternoon only.

Note: if scheduling a Frame Vacation you will need to set up a time frame for the vacation (start and end time). 


Type any notes regarding the new vacation (optional)

Start Date / End Date

Click the date picker and select a Start and End Date for the new vacation.

Agents List

In the Agents List drop-down menu, select a list of agents you would like to view. The list of agents will appear in the table below the Agents List field.

Agents List Table

To schedule Agents for the event:

  1. Select one or more agents that are required to attend the event.
  2. Click to move the Agents to the Agents Selected table, located on the right side of the window.

Note: even if an entire team is required to attend the event, you must select everyone on the team and move them over to the Agents Selected table

Agents Selected Table

Lists all Agents who will be scheduled to attend the selected event.

To remove Agents from the list:

  1. Select the Agent.
  2. Click to remove the Agent from the Agents Selected table; the Agent name will be moved back to the Agents List table and the Agent will not be scheduled to attend the event.

Session Fields

(Start Time to End Time,  Event Session table)

This section is only enabled when the vacation event selected is a Frame vacation.

To schedule the time frame for the Frame Vacation:

  • If the event session occurs between a specific time rather than all day, in the drop-down menus, select a Start Time and an End Time for the event. Click Add Session. The event session time will appear in the table, located under the Add Session fields.

Note: if the vacation occurs across multiple days, add the Start and End Time for each vacation time. Vacations cannot overlap (e.g. 2:30 PM – 3:30PM and 3:00PM to 4:00 PM). If you try to overlap sessions you will receive the following error message: This session Overlaps other sessions, click OK, and select a new time for the session.



Click to update the calendar with the new vacation.


Click to close the Add Vacation window. If the window is closed without saving the information, the vacation information will be deleted and will not be added to the schedule.