You are able to change or manually override an Agent’s Vacation Status in the Vacation Manager.

To set Vacation Status:

  1. Select a vacation request from the Vacation Manager.
  2. Click Set Vacation Status and select one of the four vacation statuses:

       • Set Scheduled – This will finalize the Agent’s vacation request and add it to the schedule.
       • Set Declined – Declines the Agent’s vacation request.
       • Set Approved – Approves the Agent’s vacation request.
       • Set OnHold – Places the Agent’s vacation request on hold until further information is acquired.

  3. The corresponding Confirmation dialog box will appear. Click OK.Confirmation
  4. The Action Successful confirmation dialog box will appear. Click OKSuccess
  5. The vacation request appears in the table, color-coded as: Scheduled (purple), Declined (red), Approved (green), or OnHold (yellow).