The feature Audit Trail allows you to see all of the activity for a selected campaign, or even the activity of a specific user.

Audit Trail

To create an Audit Trail:

  1. Put a date in the From field and a date in the To field.

    Note: If you want to include activity for the current day, you must select the next day in the field To a for the current day's data to be included.

  2. If desired, you can enter a name in the User field to see the activity for a specific user in the campaign.

    Note: You must enter the full and exact username of the User you wish to see the Audit Trail for, otherwise, no results will be shown.

  3. Press the View button. If no Username was entered, you will see all activity for all campaigns.

    Audit Trail

If you entered a name in the User field, you will see all activity for that specific user.

Audit Trail