This guide contains basic information about how to setup online Proactive Chat sessions from within your website. 

To enable Proactive Chat you must embed the chat application within a website.
Embedding the chat application within a website is just a matter of adding one reference to a JavaScript file.

The URL for the file is available under Admin Portal > Chat Queue Settings > Proactive Chat URL. Simply copy the URL and ask your webmaster to include a script reference to it within the desired page(s) in your web site.

The URL to chat should look more or less like this:

The script reference to be added within your pages should look like this: 
<script type="text/javascript" src="<rel="nofollow"><your_account_ID>/<some_random_ID>/webchat.js></script>

The script file is automatically updated when changes are made to the chat queue settings.

For more information on Proactive chat, see the Knowledge Base articles on Contact Center Initiating Proactive chat and Contact Center Chat Queue General Settings.