By default, Excel doesn't support Click-To-Call like Outlook does, so it will require a little bit of tinkering to start using Excel as a dialing list to simply click a number and start a call via Intermedia Unite or any other softphone application.

Here are the steps on how to achieve that functionality within Excel:

  1. Open a new Excel Sheet
  2. Create three columns labeled:
    • Column A – Name (optional)
    • Column B - Phone Number
    • Column C - Click-to-Call
  3. In the screenshot example, in the C2 cell, add the formula =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("TEL:",B2))

    This will create a hyperlink in the example C2 cell, of the phone number in the added to the B2 cell
  4. By adding a list of phone numbers to the B column, you can create a list of click-to-call hyperlinks in the C column
    Dragging the lower right corner of cell C2 down to the cells below will populate the formula in all of those cells, creating a hyperlink in those cells
  5. The Excel Sheet is now ready to go to work for you! Clicking the hyperlink in the cells in column C will now automatically dial the phone number using your softphone application