In preparing for the webinar, you may upload your presentations in the Content Library prior to the webinar or any Practice session.

Click on the Content Library tab to go to the Content Library:

Open Content Library

You may drag and drop a file here or click to choose files on your computer:


You can also check the available storage in the Content Library here.

Once uploaded, you can see your files listed and check the available storage again. Or choose to remove any items as you wish.

Available storage

Note: for best video experience, MP4 files should be encoded with a maximum resolution of 1280x720p at 30fps and a maximum bitrate of 1.5 Mbps.

All of these will be available to you in the Practice or Live webinar. To learn more about the Content Library during the webinar, read our Knowledge Base article on article Intermedia AnyMeeting: How To Share A PPT, PPTX, PDF Or MP4 Video