Q: How can I add a campaign?
A: Navigate to Manage Campaigns > Add and fill in the required information for a new campaign. See the KB article on Add a Campaign.

Q: How do I add contacts to a campaign?
A: Click the Edit button for the campaign in question and select Contacts to add a new contact. See the KB article on Add Contacts To A Campaign.

Q: Where can I find the results of a campaign?
A: To find the results of a campaign you can click on Dashboard which will show you the status of each campaign in a chart view. You can also click on Manage Campaigns for the results in a list view. 

Q: Can I export contacts for re-use?
A: Yes, first you may want to export your contacts (.csv file), and then import the file into a new campaign. See the KB article on Exporting Contacts from a Campaign.

Q: How do I setup text to speech?
A: Use Voice option under Campaigns > Add Campaigns. Fill in Text to Speak, select Voice and adjust the settings to your needs. See the KB article on Voice Campaigns Using Text to Speech.

Q: Can I customize text to speech?
A: Yes, if words are used in the Text to Speak field, the system will be able to read it out.

Note: the instructions to press the specific digit need to be in the text. 

Q: How can I view the details/activities of a campaign?
A: Under Manage Campaign, click on Edit > Contacts it will show you the details for each contact and if the message was completed or not.

Q: Can an agent add a contact to a campaign?
A: Yes, when you click on Add Campaign, under Options, you can check the box allowing agents to add contacts to a campaign from within the CCA. 

Q: Can I have Voice, Email, SMS all in one campaign?
A: Yes, there are different tabs within a campaign to configure Voice, Email, and SMS all at once for the same campaign.

Q: Can I receive an acknowledgment that the contact has received the message/email/call?
A: You can receive an acknowledgment for voice campaigns only. See the KB article on Acknowledgement Tab.

Q: If I press 3 for an acknowledgment where is my call routed to?
A: Under Add Campaign > Acknowledgement tab you can select which digit (0 to 4) a contact is to press to acknowledge the message. You also have a choice to select what action the call will take next (Continue, Hang up, Connect or Transfer).