To manage your mail server, you need to login to the HostPilot and select Mail Server in the left frame. It will open a sub-menu containing the following options

Disk Quota: on this page you can view the current disk space usage for your mail server and purchase additional disk space if required. Disk quota is calculated once every 24 hours.

Create New Mailbox: on this page you may create a new mailbox.

See also a video on how to create a new mailbox: Play video How To: Create new mailbox.

Mailboxes Manager: allows you to view all the created mailboxes and change their settings, such as disk space warning per mailbox and forwarding, add aliases for the mailbox and set auto-reply messages.

Mail Client Settings: may help you to configure your mail client to connect to your mail server, there you can find all the necessary settings and links to the corresponding articles describing them.

Mail Server Settings: this page shows the summary information of your mail server.

SpamStopper: this page allows you to configure anti-spam filter for your mail server, for additional information on this please make use of our Spam Filtering on POP/IMAP Mailservers article.

Domains Manager: Allows to manage mail server synonyms (domain names registered on your account) by enabling or disabling mail delivery for each of them.