AI Guardian is artificial intelligence cloud security platform that protects your email against attacks such as Extortion, Ransomware, Credential phishing. Powered by natural language understanding (NLU), the AI Guardian detection engine analyzes in the real time thousands of signals across identity, behavior, language, and global threat data to catch attacks missed by solutions based on historical information of known threats

When enabled, it connects to Exchange mailboxes via API, scans the existing messages that are located inside, and understands what is typical for the organization in general and for each user individually (identity, behavior, and language) — all of that made possible by using the machine learning technology.

  • After some time (up to 14 days), when the profile is configured, AI Guardian is able to detect various threats in the messages and any unusual behavior.
  • When such a suspicious message arrives, AI Guardian asks the Exchange server to recall it and send it back through Email Protection.
  • The messages then will pass the Email Protection the second time and will get a tag assigned to the body of the email.

AI Guardian Standard is targeting three primary types of threats:

  • Extortion - emails that threaten users with bad consequences unless they take a particular action
  • Ransomware - emails requesting ransom to reverse a certain action - locking out a user account, malware installed, etc.
  • Phishing - emails that contains links or redirecting to fake login pages of various services

If the inbound email falls in any of the mentioned categories, the message body will be marked with the specific wording.

  • Extortion and Ransomware:
    Potential threat warning - This email looks like could be threatening you with a potentially harmful action/fee - Be cautious clicking on any links/attachments, check the sender's email address, if you believe this to be legitimate, contact your IT team.
  • Phishing:
    Potential phishing warning -This email looks like it could trick you into sharing your credentials with a fake party. Please be cautious when clicking any links in this email or its attachments and check the sender's email address. If in doubt, contact your IT team.

Depending on the potential level of threat the tag can be colored in:

  • Red - high severity
  • Orange - medium severity
  • Yellow - low severity



Note: AI Guardian Standard is available for the accounts with Email Protection package only. Read the Knowledge Base article Email Protection: Package Management to change your Email Protection plan. AI Guardian Premium is available in  Email Protection Premium package only.

Note:  AI Guardian is only avaiale for Exchange mailboxes. POP/IMAP mailboxes and mailboxes hosted on O365 will only have access to the regular email procetion.

You can disable AI Guardian service in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Email Protection > AI Guardian and click Disable. You can enable the service manually from this page later if needed.