HostPilot Control Panel incorporates a powerful file-level permissions management tool. To change permissions for a particular directory

  1. Go to HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Settings and Permissions

  2. Click on Select the directory and then, when a desired directory is selected, click on Select

  3. Make changes to permissions for various users and click on Save Changes.

For pages to be public, the anonymous user needs Read access. If you use a database application, you may need to grant Change access to the database directory for the anonymous user (as this is option not available in HostPilot due to the security considerations, please submit an extended service request for that.

Note: Granting the anonymous user Change access to the web server root directory (Htdocs) allows anyone to connect to your virtual server and modify files.

Note: Unlike User/File level permissions, Web Server Settings apply to all users accessing your Web and FTP sites. User/File level permissions apply only to a specific user. If User/File level permissions and Web Server Settings differ for a directory, the more restrictive settings are used.

Note: Setting file-level permissions manually may corrupt FrontPage Server Extensions and loosen your virtual server security. FrontPage users must always use FrontPage built-in tools (found under Tools > Security > Permissions) to manage permission on their web sites.