This article represents the integration of Intermedia Unite desktop app with GIPHY service and answers the possible questions regarding using GIF in chats.


Users now have the ability to search GIFs quickly and send GIFs to chat immediately. Once click on the GIF button, window shows top GIFs from the GIPHY. To find the desired GIF, start typing your search request in a search bar to see results, then just click on the GIF you want to send.

Important: the feature is available on version 2.5.215 and later. 




  1. Where can I send GIF?
    Every Intermedia Unite desktop app direct chat and group chat will have the extra button GIF.
  2. What languages I can use for searching GIF?
    GIPHY supports search on the following languages:
  3. Are there any ratings on search?
    Yes, we limit GIPHY requests to run under rating PG. Learn more here
  4. What if I find some of the GIFs inappropriate? 
    Intermedia Unite is showing exactly what GIPHY service provides us. You can report GIF from the GIPHY website, learn more here
  5. Why I don't see GIF in chat?
    Please make sure you are updated to the latest version to see the full list of features.