The next step is to edit the script properties.

To edit the script properties:

  1. From the Script tab, click PropertiesProperties

  2. The Script Properties dialog box opens. Script_Properties
  3. In the General area, enter the following information: General 

    Name: The name of script used to identify it.

    DNIS Phone: The phone number associated with the script.

  4. In the Data delivery through email area, do the following: Data_Delivery

    Enabled: Select the checkbox to allow each execution of the script to be sent through email to the specified address. Clear the checkbox if no email is to be sent.

    Address: Enter the email address where the script will be emailed. Do this only if the script will be emailed out at the end of script execution. 

  5. Click OK. The Script Outline appears on the left side of the screen. Script_Online
  6. Click Save to save your script.