Now let's add a label parameter to acknowledge the caller and inform them that we’ll ask for more information. A label parameter allows to display any arbitrary text without data input.

To add the label parameter:

  1. Click and drag the Label parameter from the Component palette to the step design area. Label The step in the workspace changes to show you the label parameter with the information that needs to be completed. Label-param

  2. Click the label parameter to select it.
    Note: a dashed red outline indicates that the step is selected for editing. DashedRed
  3. Modify the parameter using the Label properties editor: Label_Properties
  4. Click the Caption box. A Description dialog box appears. Enter the caption you want for the label parameter, and then click OK.
    Note: the Caption is a rich text property; therefore, any time you edit it, the Rich Text Editor dialog will open. Caption The Caption you enter appears in the label parameter in the workspace. Caption_2
  5. Let’s add the three remaining text parameters that script Part #1: Greeting requires: Address, Phone Number, and Social Insurance Number, and let’s edit their properties. The image below shows the final result.
    Note: if you need a refresher for how to add and edit text parameters, see Contact Center Script Manager - Adding a Text Parameter.
  6. Click Save when done.