The last step in the creation of the script Part #1: Greeting is to add a list parameter to help the agent inquire what the caller needs help with. The script will continue based on the option selected by the agent.

To add the list parameter:

  1. Click and drag the List parameter from the Component palette to the step design area. List The step in the workspace changes to show you the list parameter with the information that needs to be completed. List-param

  2. Click the list parameter to select it.
    Note: a dashed red outline indicates that the step is selected for editing. DashedRed
  3. Modify the parameter using the Listbox properties editorListbox properties
  1. Click the Caption box. A Description dialog box appears. Enter the caption you want for the list parameter, and then click OK.
    Note: the Caption is a rich text property; therefore, any time you edit it, the Rich Text Editor dialog will open. DescriptionThe Caption you enter appears in the list parameter in the workspace. Caption
  2. Select the Required checkbox to force an agent to enter a value on the parameter in order to continue running the script. Clear the Required checkbox otherwise. Required
  3. Select the DropDownList checkbox to provide the agent a list from where to choose the next action. Clear the DropDownList checkbox to allow the agent to type their option instead.
    Note: allowing the agent to type their choice is useful when the agent can enter a custom value instead of choosing from set values only. DropDown
  4. Click Values to enter the options that will be presented to the agent. The Values dialog box appears.
    Note: each value in the list is linked to a script step that is disabled. When the agent selects an option from the list, the disabled script step is enabled, and the script continues running. ValuesClick add value to enter the option to be presented to the agent in a drop-down list. Continue clicking add value until you have entered all choices. The image below shows the three options that are necessary for the script in this tutorial. AddValue
  5. Click the X icon in the upper right corner of the Values dialog box to close it. The options entered for the drop-down list appear in the list parameter in the workspace. List-param-1

       4. Click Save when done.