The script we’re building in this tutorial calls for a drop-down list that’ll help agents ask callers the option they need help with. The options presented in the drop-down list will be linked to script steps that need to be disabled for the script to run correctly. The idea is to have those steps be enabled only when a agent selects one of the options in the drop-down list that was created in Adding a List Parameter. When building the script in Script Manager, the steps that will be linked to the drop-down need to be created and disabled.

If you recall the script, there are three parts that will be presented to the agent in the form of a drop-down list: address update, billing query, account closure.

Let’s create the three script steps that will be linked to the drop-down list.

To create three more script steps:

  1. Click add step three times. Three new steps are added to the script outlineScript_Outline

  2. Change the Name and Title of each step as explained in Editing Step Properties. Name-Title
  3. In the Step properties editor, clear the Enabled checkbox. This ensures that the steps remain hidden, by default, during script execution. Enabled

In the script outline, the hidden script steps appear in italics. Script_Outline_2