Now that we have created the steps that correspond to the actionable parts of our script, we can link them to the drop-down list we created in Adding a List Parameter.

To link the new steps to the drop-down list:

  1. From the script outline area, choose Greeting to display all the parameters we created for this script step. Then, choose the list parameter.
    Recall that a dashed red outline indicates that the step and parameter have been chosen. Greeting

  2. In the Listbox properties editor, click Values to bring up the Values dialog box. Notice that the names of the steps we created in Hiding Steps appear listed in the enable steps list box: Values_1
  3. To link and enable each step, click a value from the value list followed by the corresponding element on the enable steps list. Repeat until you’ve linked and enabled all three values. Values_2
  4. Click the X icon in the upper right corner of the Values dialog box to close it, and then click Save when done.