What is Call Routing Override?

Call routing override allows redirecting all the calls coming to the phone numbers associated with your Auto Attendant to an external phone number or to one of the extensions in your phone system.

This can be used in case there is an outage in your office for temporary forwarding. For example, you can forward all calls that go to your Auto Attendant to another office number or to your cell.

How to enable it

  1. Navigate to HostPilot > Services > Unite > Auto Attendant.
  2. Click on the Call routing override option next to your Auto Attendant (it will show up as Disabled or as a phone number/extension if enabled).
  3. Enter a phone number/extension that you would like the calls from your Auto Attendant to be forwarded to and click Save Changes.

Important: Call routing override can only be enabled or disabled manually. If you have an outage, you will need to log in to the account and enable Call routing override or reach out to Technical Support for them to do it for you.


Q: How long does it take to forward the calls?

A: The calls are forwarded with no delay.

Q: Can we forward the calls to more than one number?

A: You can only forward the calls to one phone number/extension. However, this number can be assigned to a Hunt Group with multiple agents in it (Check Managing Hunt Groups On Intermedia Unite article to learn more).

Q: Is there a way to forward the calls coming to Users or Hunt Groups to a different phone number?

A: Yes.

For Users, you may want to check the Find Me, Follow Me feature or set up call forwarding on their desk phone. Kindly check desk phones Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions.

For Hunt Groups it depends on the result you would like to achieve.

Example #1: All the calls to this Hunt Group should go to a different phone number first and then follow the Hunt Group timeout settings. Add this phone number as an extra agent to this Hunt Group and log it in while logging everyone else out.

Example #2: All the calls to this Hunt Group should be forwarded to a different phone number and go to its own voicemail if not answered. Simply log all the agents out and set up the Hunt Group timeout to this phone number.

Check Managing Hunt Groups On Intermedia Unite to learn more.