To restore conversations, calendars, files, and notebook in Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams, navigate to the subscription and select the Office 365 Groups tab. 

Bulk restore options

  1. Click on Cloud Backup in the left navigation pane
  2. Select the Office 365 Groups tab
  3. Click on more for the Group or Modern Team Site you would like to restore.
  4. Select the restore option from the drop-down menu.
  5. For each restore option, review the details that appear, and click Confirm to proceed.

Cloud Backup

Note: when a restore operation is initiated, a spinner may not appear, but the restore should be working.

Individual restore options

It's possible to restore individual files and individual conversations. To restore an individual file or conversation:

  1. Click the Group in which the file resides
  2. Select Files or Conversations
  3. Browse through the folder structure to find the file or conversation you want to restore, or use the search box above the list
  4. Select the items, and click Restore

Files Restore

Backup and Restore of Modern Team Sites

SharePoint Modern Team Sites which include an Office 365 Group are supported for backup and restore in subscriptions which support Backup for Office 365 of Office 365 Groups.

Backup for Office 365 supports the backup and restore of the following data in Modern Team Sites:

  • Team Sites
  • Subsites
  • Lists (including Document Library, generic lists, etc.)
  • Folders
  • Files

Note: currently, Backup for Office 365 does not back up Modern Team Sites that are created without an Office 365 Group.

Restoring Modern Team Site data

Modern Team Sites can be found under Groups on the Office 365 Groups tab of the Backup for Office 365 subscription.

You can click the more (...) to restore the entire Modern Team Site, or click the Modern Team Site to browse for the data you want to restore. The data includes the Groups collaboration apps and services and the site itself. 

Within the site, you can continue to browse through its contents, or use the search field to find the data you want to restore. Once you find the data, use the checkbox to select, and click Restore.


Restoring data to a Modern Team Site that was converted from a Classic Team Site

Microsoft offers the opportunity to convert Classic Team Sites to Modern Team Sites. When this is done, it creates an Office 365 Group integrated with that Modern Team Site, but does not change the site address.

Once converted to a Modern Team Site, Backup for Office 365 will discover that site as an Office 365 Group, and will back up the site, subsites, lists, folders, and files of the site, along with the conversations, calendar, and notebook of the connected Office 365 Group.

Therefore, the process of restoring data to the Modern Team Site differs depending on when the data was backed up.

  • Before the conversion: To restore data backed up before the conversion, go to the SharePoint tab of the subscription to find and restore the data.
  • After the conversion: To restore data backed up after the conversion, go to the Office 365 Groups tab of the subscription to find and restore the data.