Before creating an IVR

There are several items need to be prepared before creating a new IVR.

Use the checklist below to ensure all the necessary information has been gathered:

  1. IVR phone number
    To learn more about IVR Phone numbers read the Article Contact Center - Managing IVR Phone Numbers

  2. Audio files for prompts
    To learn more on how to create, listen, edit or restore Prompt File read the Article Contact Center Prompt Files
    Important: The audio files must be WAV format and cannot exceed 3MB. You might need audio files for all or any of the following:

    1. Welcome prompt

    2. Language menu

    3. Menu prompt

    4. After-hours prompt

    5. No agent prompt

Creating new IVR

  1. Log into Administrator Portal.
  2. Click Configure > Inbound Voice > IVRs.
  3. Click the Create New IVR button.
  4. A message appears to let you know of the information you must have already gathered before you can proceed.
    If ready to proceed, click Continue.
  5. The Edit IVR wizard appears to guide you through the process of building an IVR.
    Use the links below to read more about the different screens in the wizard. 
  6. Click Publish when done.
    Note: You might need to confirm any changes made to the schedule, as shown in the image below.
    Click Back if you want to apply the new schedule, or click OK, Publish button to publish your IVR.

  7. A confirmation message appears when the IVR has been published.
    Click Back to IVR List to return to the IVR list. Your new IVR will appear in the list.