Here is where you enter the general information about the IVR when following Easy-IVR wizard.
Read more about Easy-IVR wizard in the Article Contact Center - Creating IVR.

Complete the following information and click Next Step when done.

  • IVR name: The name of the IVR.

  • Languages: The languages that apply to the IVR. The first language in the list becomes the default language, i.e., the language in which the caller will hear the welcoming message and prompts until they press a button to change the language.

  • Prompt Description: A description of the welcome prompt (you can type a transcription of the audio file).

  • Prompt Upload file: Click to upload the audio file for the Welcome message.
    Note: If you have selected more than one language, more than one Upload file link will appear so you can upload an audio file for each language you have chosen.
    Important: The audio file must be in the language you have indicated. Simple IVR will not translate the Welcome prompt to your selected language.