This article applies to Web Hosting and Custom Email accounts only.

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) prevent their users from accessing outbound (SMTP) mail servers via standard port 25. Outlook users may get error messages such as: Unable to connect to the server. (Account:'accountname', SMTP Server: 'mail**', Error Number: '0x800ccc0e').

Intermedia knows of the following service providers who block outbound connections and require to use their own SMTP servers: Sympatico (Canada), Mindspring (Earthlink), MSN Internet Access, SBC, COX, Comcast, Bellsouth, Verizon. If you wish to include your provider in this list, notify support and mention this article number.

How to check that port 25 is blocked

To confirm that your ISP is blocking SMTP connections on port 25, you need to run a command telnet mail** 25 from the command prompt where mail** is the name of your mail server (can be found in HostPilot at Mail Server > Mail Server Settings page)

You will see connection failed error or connection refused error or a timeout error.

Alternative Ports

We have configured the alternative SMTP port 1025 on our mail servers that can also be used for outbound connections. To change your connection settings in Outlook go to Account Settings > Select Account > More Settings > Advanced Tab > Outgoing Server (SMTP).


Note: Also you can configure your mail client to send using encrypted SSL connection on ports 465 or 587.