Once you install Intermedia Unite application on your mobile device, it will ask for a list of permissions to allow. Please, accept all the required permissions in order to avoid Push Notifications issuespoor Call Quality and other unexpected issues when using the app.

Note: Intermedia Unite app is not sending your personal data to any other service provider. We request different permissions so you can access all our features and use Intermedia Unite smoothly.

Below is the description on what we will ask you and why.

iOS devices


Access to contacts is required for working with Intermedia Unite contacts (creating, editing) and Contact Sync feature.

Local Network

Local network permission is presented only on devices with iOS 14 or higher. You can enable it under Settings > Intermedia Unite or under Settings > Privacy > Local Network > Intermedia Unite.

Do not worry if you cannot find this permission on your device, it appears just for a particular configuration of the network you`re connected to.


Intermedia Unite requires access to your microphone so you will be able to do Intermedia Unite calls to internal users or external contacts.

Siri & Search

User is advised to enable Siri access to Intermedia Unite to make calls via Intermedia Unite or send messages via Intermedia Unite using Siri. For more information please see How do I use Siri?


User is advised to enable at least one type of the notification in order to not miss important message or voicemail. Incoming calls will be displayed in the native screen without additional permissions set.

Note: the user can always disable Intermedia Unite notifications and even schedule the time for notifications to be enabled/disabled while turning on the Silent mode within the app.

Background app refresh

Background app refresh allows the app running in the background and notify you about new messages and incoming calls.

Mobile data

User is advised to enable access to mobile data in order to app able to work on the cellular connection, e.g. in case there is no Wi-Fi network available.

Android devices


Access to contacts is required for working with Intermedia Unite contacts (creating, editing) and Contact Sync feature


Intermedia Unite requires access to your microphone so you will be able to do Intermedia Unite calls to internal users or external contacts.


Phone permission is being used for distinguishing your cell calls and Intermedia Unite calls and making it possible to receive and manage calls on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks at the same time.


We ask for access to your Storage i.e. media files so you can use chat attachmentsavatar upload and quick share feature.

Calendar & Location

Calendar and location access is being used for Mobile Assistant feature.

In addition to this, Android devices may have some battery usage restrictions which user is advised to disable in order to make Intermedia Unite work in the background and show chat and call notifications correctly. To do so, find Intermedia Unite app in your Settings > Open App Info > Advanced settings. Look for the Battery saver / Background settings and enable background data usage and disable battery optimization options if there are any.

Note: the exact setting depends on your device model.

Exclusively for Moto devices

In order to not miss an important call or message, we recommend users to disable limits for notifications. To do so find Intermedia Unite in Settings > Notifications > During active call > disable.

Exclusively for Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi devices have much more permissions to modify than the regular permissions list mentioned above. The navigation on settings usually differs comparing to most other Android devices, so check the instructions below carefully:

Navigate to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Intermedia Unite

Scroll down to Other Permissions and make sure they all are allowed: Show on lock Screen, Display pop-up windows while running in the background, Permanent notifications

Notifications: here you can set up application notifications flexibly, depending on your needs. The list of the available options is presented below:

In order to allow your mobile phone to work on both Wi-Fi and Cellular data or on the contrary disable one of two types of connection, navigate to Restrict data usage and check the connection you would want to use:

Next, Battery saver > No restrictions. In this case we will make sure no notifications or background processes will be blocked by the Operating System: