To start a new IVR design:

  1. Close the Open IVR dialog by clicking the x located in the top right corner

      2. The Open IVR dialog will close and the IVR Studio user interface opens displaying the Default project IVR on the Canvas. The Default project is the simplest IVR that includes an Entrypoint connected to a Hang Up BF

      3. In the Properties section, click the IVR tab. Here you will assign a Title, Description, and Default Language for your application:

  • Title – Type a name for your application
  • Description – Type a short descriptive summary of your application
  • Default Language – From the Default Language drop down menu, select the default language for your application

      4. Select IVR > Save to save your new IVR design. See Section 11.6 for further information on saving your application. Proceed to Add Business Functions to continue creating your IVR

Note: If you want to work on a previously saved IVR while still Signed In, click Project > Open. The Open IVR dialog will open, scroll through the list and select the project you want to work on. Click Open.