If upon opening the Intermedia Unite Desktop or Mobile application you see the following message: Chat messaging has been disabled by your administrator, when trying to reply to an existing chat, do not be alarmed. This means that your technical administrator has disabled the chat feature from within the control panel.

Error message as seen in the Desktop application:

Error message as seen in the Mobile application:

The desktop application will also have some slight changes to the interface when the chat function is disabled. Upon searching for a contact card of another user on the account in the Keypad tab, the button to initiate a chat session will no longer be present and only the option to call the contact will be available:

When navigating to the History tab and hovering the mouse over a contact, the option to initiate a chat session will no longer be present:

If the SMS function is enabled, the option to start a new SMS conversation or continue an existing one will not be effected by the chat function being disabled: