You can use Outlook Express to access your Exchange account and receive mail. POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP protocols are supported. Before you configure Outlook Express, you need to check whether these protocols are enabled for your mailboxes. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Can I Connect To My Exchange Server Using POP Or IMAP? for more information.

To obtain the settings needed to configure Outlook Express, navigate to either of the following: 


  • POP3 provides dynamic access to the Exchange server but doesn't allow you to work with mail stored on the Exchange server. POP3 is a fast protocol, used mostly to download mail from the Exchange server to the local computer. After downloading a copy of a message, the message is deleted from the Exchange server by default, unless you configure your POP3 client to leave a copy of downloaded message on the server.
  • IMAP4 keeps downloaded messages on the Exchange server. This allows you to work with mail on the Exchange server, use offline and remote storage of messages, manage profiles, and use common mailboxes. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is IMAP? for more information.