How to Create a new Chat

From the Messages tab choose Create option. From here you can initiate a new direct chat, create a channel or send an SMS.

Initiate a direct chat

Tap on + > choose the name from the list and tap on it > a new dialog window will be opened.



Create a channel

Tap + > New Channel:



Send an SMS

Tap on + > start typing in the phone number or choose one from your Intermedia Unite directory



Managing Chats

Pin Chat to Top

Chats can be pinned: they will be displayed on the top of the chat list.

Note: Pin preferences are not synchronized between user's devices and are unique for each device. Also, unlike the desktop application, the mobile application won't display the chats you have with the contacts from the favorites list at the top of your screen.


Mute functionality allows you to disable receiving notifications for the specified chats. It is possible to mute both from the Chats screen and from the conversations themselves. This setting will be synchronized between all User's devices.


Swipe left from the chat list or open the chat and go the chat settings. Choose Mute:


Tap and hold a chat from the chat list or navigate to the chat settings. Choose Mute:


In order to search in a chat the chat settings need to be opened. You can search onle in one chat at a time.

Leave Channel

Channel members can leave the Channel, or, in a Private Channel they can be removed by other members. Once a user left the Channel, access to its history will be lost for this user. If this user will be added back to the Channel, whole conversation history of this chat will be displayed for the previously removed user.


You can copy the message via Long tap on any text message or SMS message. The Copy will appear along with Delete. Once clicked on Copy, text will be copied to the clipboard.

Important: now Copy available only on Android



To delete an outgoing message that you sent in chat long tap on any text message. You will see two options - Delete or Copy.

Important: now Delete available only on Android


Prior to deleting, users will see the confirmation dialog:


Once confirmed the message will be deleted for you and other chat members and you all will see this message was deleted:


Search: All/People/Channels tabs

The search field is available on the top for People/Channels/All search by name.





Type in/paste your search request (it must be at least 3 characters).  Switch among buttons All, People and Channels if needed.

  • Choose People tab if you are looking for other users, Company, Personal contacts and direct chats with them
  • Switch to Channels tab If you want to find a public or private channel which you are a member of, or search for new public channels to join
  • All tab will show top 5 results of each category 





Chat History

  • Full chat history is retained indefinitely allowing users to access past conversations. All chat members have access to full chat history.
  • Chat history is synced across all devices.
  • The messages are encrypted when transferred and at rest.
  • At this point, the chat history can't be cleared to prevent losing critical information.

Note: The only way to delete chat history is to disable Intermedia Unite services for the user.