This Article describes a workaround for the case when a Customer, who have their main Company number assigned to Auto Attendant, would like to use it with SMS services.

Text messages require Intermedia Unite Mobile or Intermedia Unite Desktop Applications be assigned to an object to be received to/sent from.

Due to current technical limitations, Apps can not be assigned to Auto Attendants.

In order to keep a regular call flow for the main number, and also add SMS capabilities to it, please read this Article and follow the below steps.

Important: additional charges are involved.

Overall process

  1. Customer reaches Support with a request; specifies an Auto Attendant number they would like to start using SMS service with; specifies a convenient time for the swap to be performed (ASAP/After Hours);
  2. Support rep creates an additional User that will be used as a connector between the main number and the Auto Attendant;
    Note: adding of a License for the new User will result in additional charges.
  3. Support rep re-assigns customer's main number from Auto Attendant to this User.
  4. Support rep escalates the case to Tier 2.
  5. Customer logs to Intermedia Unite Mobile or Intermedia Unite Desktop Application with 'connector' User credentials and disables missed call notifications, so it would not generate constant notifications for the calls that are being routed through the connector User to the AA:
    • Intermedia Unite Desktop Application:
      Go to Profile > Application settings and uncheck Enable visual incoming call notifications / Enable audio incoming call notifications.
    • Intermedia Unite Mobile Application for Android:
      Go to Settings (gearwheel icon) > Silent Mode and toggle it ON;
      Tap Events > uncheck New messages, leave everything else checked > DONE.
    • Intermedia Unite Mobile Application for iOS:
      Go to My Account > Assistance > Silent Mode and toggle it on


  • this workaround requires a fully functional User created with Voice Services (Intermedia Unite) and SMS enabled (this means you will want to have Subscriptions with SMS service included), which may result in additional charges;
  • it can take 1-2 business days to process the request + mind a 24 hours period of time needed for SMS activation.
  • swapping the numbers will result in a small downtime (~15 minutes), so the request can be performed After Hours.