Intermedia Unite is a fully integrated UCaaS solution with group messaging, meetings, files and PBX. Most of our customers consume our integrated communication and collaboration services through our Desktop and Mobile apps. Our full-features UCaaS bundles are Intermedia Unite Pro, Intermedia Unite Enterprise, and Intermedia Unite Essentials. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Packages for more information.

For customers who choose to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration, they can pair our industry leading telephony features with their Teams environment in two ways:

For feature comparison, see the Intermedia Unite with Teams vs Intermedia Unite for Teams table below.

Intermedia Unite with Teams

  • Customers who purchase the Intermedia Unite with Teams license will get the best of both worlds: Teams app for collaboration and Intermedia Unite app for telephony
  • Intermedia Unite with Teams allows you to use Teams for your chat, meeting, and files and Intermedia Unite for advanced telephony including calling, integrated contact center & CRM, business SMS, and receptionist features
  • Intermedia Unite with Teams includes a free Desk phone, advanced PBX and Contact center features, native calling experience, and  does not require the Microsoft Phone System SKU ($8/user/month)

Read the Knowledge Base article on Get Started with Intermedia Unite with Teams (Admin Guide) for more information.

Intermedia Unite for Teams

  • Customers who purchase the Intermedia Unite for Teams license will be able to use the Intermedia Unite telephony features from the native Teams desktop and mobile app experiences
  • This licenses includes Teams Connector, middleware which needs to be provisioned and configured, to enable Intermedia Unite calling capabilities within Teams.
  • This license also requires the Microsoft Phone System SKU ($8/user/month) for each user

Read the Knowledge Base articles for more information:

Intermedia Unite for Teams limitations

  • Q: Can a User have Forwarding set via Teams application?
    A: We strongly recommend not using any forwarding or other options as they might cause conflicts between two systems and routing issues.
  • Q: Which Hold Music will be played if the user places the call on hold?
    A: Microsoft Teams Music on Hold will be played.
  • Q: Which PBX handles E911 calls?
    A: If an emergency call to 911 takes place from MS Teams application, it will be handled by Intermedia Unite PBX according to the Device settings in HostPilot® Control Panel. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Change e911 Information for more information.
  • Intermedia Unite for Teams license does not include a Deskphone, but one SIP-enabled deskphone can be connected.
  • Teams cannot be used as a Call Controller.
  • CNAM will not be presented
  • Voicemail Behavior
    The default behavior for unanswered calls for Teams users is as follows: an incoming call rings Teams application for 20 seconds and then the call is routed to the Teams Voicemail. If MS Teams app is offline (for example, a user just turns off their PC), an incoming call will be routed to Microsoft Teams Voicemail immediately without ringing any user's devices. MS Teams overrides any Intermedia Unite Hunt Group / Contact Center Group / User routing settings. This affects all the calls.
    To avoid conflicts between two PBX systems (Intermedia Unite and Microsoft Teams) we strongly recommend adjusting Calling policies to disable the routing to Voicemail on the Teams side. The user is also able to adjust the Voicemail timeout via the TeamsConnector App if allowed by MS Teams administrator. Teams Voicemail menu cannot be used to access Intermedia Unite Voicemail. Voicemails can only be retrieved via email and managed by dialing into the voicemail system
  • Warm transfer is not supported
  • Details on the internal calls handling can be found in the Knowledge Base article on Self-service TeamsConnector Account Configuration (Admin Guide)

    Intermedia Unite with Teams vs Intermedia Unite for Teams

    Intermedia Unite with Teams

    Intermedia Unite for Teams

    End-user apps

    • 2 integrated apps
    • MSFT Teams for collaboration + Intermedia Unite for calling and Contact Center
    • 1 app
    • MSFT Teams for collaboration and calling using Teams Connector
    • Enables use of Intermedia Unite apps in emergency failover scenarios (i.e. Teams is down)

    Azure AD Single Sign-on

    Native Intermedia Unite calling experience

    (includes Softphone Mode and Call Controller Mode, Voicemail, MOH, Receptionist, CNAM, Transfers)

    Basic PBX

    Advanced PBX + Call Center

    Integrated Contact Center experience (coming soon)

    Business SMS

    3rd Party CRM Integrations


    Includes free Phone

    Requires MSFT Phone System SKU ($8/user)

    Includes Intermedia Unite Team chat, File sharing and Meetings