Microsoft 365 Tenant Move Overview

A tenant move is a process that allows you to move a customer’s existing Microsoft 365 licenses from an external provider to a Intermedia account, without performing any data migrations. The tenant itself remains unchanged, and so long as the process is performed properly, there is no service disruption nor any end-user impact.

The process is very simple to perform and involves two primary actions, summarized below. This guide will provide additional detail on how to perform these steps and assumes you have already created HostPilotĀ® Control Panel account.

  • Connect – Connect existing tenant to a Intermedia Microsoft 365 Account and accept the Cloud Solution Provider agreement from Microsoft.
  • Reconfigure – Once the Microsoft tenant is connected to HostPilot, you can reconfigure the tenant to perform the switch by purchasing and verifying the replacement licenses and cancelling the licenses from the previous provider.

Before You Get Started

Prior to initiating a tenant switch it is important to review the following:

  • License Types & Quantities – The process will require you to purchase Microsoft 365 licenses in HostPilot. Knowing which and how many licenses you need will make the process easier. Please also review if the required license type can be purchased in HostPilot.
  • Early Termination Fees – Review the previous MSP’s policy on early termination fees. Microsoft currently does not charge CSP resellers early termination fees for cancelling a plan, but external providers may have different policies set in their contracts.


  1. From the HostPilot Homepage, navigate to the Office 365 Module and select I already have an Office 365 account. This will change the layout on the page, allowing you to connect your customer’s tenant.
  1. Click Connect to Office 365 and proceed to login with the Global Admin Credentials


  1. You will be prompted to sign the Cloud Solution Provider Invitation Agreement


Once the agreement is signed, all Global Admins associated with the tenant will receive an email notification regarding the change.

  1. In HostPilot, provide the default Microsoft domain (typically into the corresponding input and click Get started with Office 365


  1. Confirm the changes to proceed.



  1. Once you have connected your existing tenant, you will need to purchase the necessary number of licenses in HostPilot. In order to purchase licenses, navigate to:
    Services > Office 365 > Licenses > Add Licenses.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Manage Office 365 Licenses In HostPilotĀ® Control Panel for more information.

  1. Once licenses are purchased through the HostPilot, verify that Serverdata Inc shows as the Cloud Service Provider in Admin Portal > Billing > Subscriptions for these new licenses.


  1. After verifying the Serverdata Inc licenses in the Admin Center, the licenses from the former provider will need to be cancelled. Please be advised that individual providers may have different steps or procedures on how to cancel these licenses. It is recommended that you work with the former provider to ensure the previous licenses are cancelled.
  • If you purchased licenses directly through Microsoft please refer to the following article on how to cancel and remove the licenses:
    Cancel your subscription